is the new side of mademoiselle blog.

Born through the friendship between Marta and MElle, it emerges as photo shoots. Both Marta and MElle have a passion for photography and fashion and through the project “SHE.SHOT.ME” they are going to explore this area of fashion.
In the beginning, MElle wanted to be anonymous. She wanted people to like her for the mademoiselle project. After 6 months, MElle decided that there is no reason to uncover the face of MElle.
This is me. This is the face of the person behind this blog! And I’ll be here much longer, creating new posts and now, along with Marta, developing this new project: SHE.SHOT.ME

I hope you like it and follow the blog.

Greetings to all the people that helped making this project [mademoiselle] possible:

Marta Costa, Raquel Faria, Paulo Madeira & to all my friends!!


SHE.SHOT.ME #2_________________________________________________________

“Time is passing and i’m still waiting for you”


3 thoughts on “SHE.SHOT.ME

  1. Cuando algo me gusta lo reconozco con sólo ver una esquina de ello.
    Me encanta.
    Con cariño Nico.

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