Fabio Ciraolo \\\\

Fab Ciraolo is an illustrator from Santiago, Chile, who shows us how past icons would look like if they were still alive and how he imagines movie or cartoon characters in the world of today.
Check out the beautiful artwork of this great illustrator.

\\\\ Marilyn Monroe

\\\\ Oh Mercy

\\\\ Salvador Dalí

\\\\ Dorothy

\\\\ Che Guevara

\\\\ Cleopatra

\\\\ Frida Kahlo

\\\\ Quiver ladies, quiver

\\\\ Old school heroes

\\\\ Old school heroes

\\\\ Plastic Bitch, the magazine for smart young people

\\\\ Beautiful Swimmers

\\\\ Cat

\\\\ We have that dream again

\\\\ Our first kiss was like a fairy tale

More info about Fabio Ciraolo – follow the link Fabio Ciraolo