One day I woke up & thought to myself , TODAY is the DAY, because yesterday wasn’t the day & tomorrow wouldn’t be the day, so TODAY is the beginning of something special!

This will be…

all about what I SEE
all about what I LISTEN
all about what I FEEL

…because this will be all about INSPIRATION!

Lovely, mademoisELLE.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey nice work mademoıselle! I love those retro shots =) ! Where do you come from ? As you have might mentioned I’m travelling around the world , so if I might pass your hometown lets meet =) ! What you say ? love lapina

    • Hi Lapina :) I’m from Portugal!
      Why not?!? ;) let’s have a meeting point in Lisbon! :) it will be a pleasure to meet you and to make part of your journey around the world! :)
      kiss*** MElle.

  2. Oh Portugal how cool I’ve been to Lissaboa once for a few days. Think It’ll take time till I’ll be back in Europe but I’ll get back to that idea :D ! love from Dubai

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