from the album “Layers of Love United”
(Skud & Smarty Records 2011)

-Directed by João Lima and Vasco Sequeira
-Produced by Longshot Production House and Skud & Smarty Records
-Production Assistants: Andreia Santos, Fábio Inácio
-Director of Photography: João Gambino
-Edition: Nuno Neves
-Grading: João Gambino
-Graphics: Rodolfo Matos
-Styling: Liliana Graça (mademoisELLE)
-Make-Up: Catarina Santiago, Margarida Valentim
-Girls: Catarina Botas, Selina Remus, Coco Heavey, Marta Macedo

MAKING OF \\\\ Norton – Coastline

Making of Photos by mademoisELLE

Free download the 2nd single COASTLINE
Free download the 1st single TWO POINTS

You can also follow NORTON on the facebook page

With the new album Layers of Love United, Norton are a fresh air of good music that is made in Portugal. They only give us nice things to hear and see! Coastline is the second single from the band and it comes with a videoclip of a beautiful late summer afternoon! So proud of you boys!


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