Devendra Banhart & Oliver Peoples \\\\

This Spring|Summer Oliver Peoples give us this intimitade look at a real couple, musician Devendra Banhart and set designer Rebecca Schwartz, this short film was created by Lisa Eisner for Oliver Peoples, Banhart and his grilfriend are captured at their most intimate. Eisner in homage to French New Wave classics like Godard’s Une Femme Mariée made this exclusive film, she was determined to cast a real-life couple with genuine chemistry, to create “infatuated cant-keep-your-hands-off-each-other moments.” The film was shot in architect John Lautner’s 1961 Los Angeles creation, the Rainbow House, to the sounds of Banhart’s “Brindo” from 2009′s What Will We Be.

Let’s take a look to this lovely and so sensual couple.

“…No pienso en ti, sólo te siento,
Pasando por mi, como un dulce viento…”


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