Scarf fell in love with Polaroid \\\\

When everyone was thinking in making polaroid alive, with initiaves such as The Impossible Project (which produces new film for classic Polaroid cameras) and many others, the designer Philippe Roucou had such a great idea: making polaroid photos wearable!
For Polaroid’s addicts like me this is a hot idea, making these lovely scarves a desirable object to be acquired.
Roucou’s luxury accessory company has grown steadily since its small beginnings in 1992, Roucou’s Polaroid-print scarves are the result of a collaboration with young artist M Chérie. Upon meeting in Paris, the pair discovered a shared passion for found and abandoned images: while Roucou looks for them in old books, M Cherie scours flea markets and antique shops.
Each scarf is made from 100 percent silk and fabricated at Bucol, Lyon, a fine-textiles company that has been supplying Paris’s haute couture ateliers since the 1920s.
The Scarf met the Polaroid and they fell in love with each other and presented us their love in this way.

Hope you like,
Lovely MElle.

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