Fell in LOVE twice in 1day \\\\

There are things that make life strange!

I met Carla Fuentes Fuerte when I was looking for the new collection of Kling* (fashion label that I love so much). When I saw the illustrations of this sweet girl, I fell in love with her peculiar type of drawing. And the strangest thing that happened while I was looking for her work was that I discovered in her portfolio that she made the cover design for the Polock band (and as I’m a curious girl, I looked for Polock until I found their myspace). I listened to their musics and I fell in love again and again, twice in one day! They have only one album -“getting down the trees” and they are amazing!

Littleisdrawing is Carla Fuentes, a 22 years old girl from Valencia (Spain). Nowadays she’s about to finish her studies of fashion design and Fine Arts, she loves design and illustration. Among others, she has made the image for the music band Polock and the merchandising design for Russian Red, Zahara, La Habitación roja, etc… As well, she has also made collaborations for magazines like “Vanidad” and “Lamilk”, Art Rocker (UK) and Nylon (Mex). In november 2007 was named “talent of the week” by EP3 (El País) and was selected between 10 other creatives to carry out a promotonal video about Sony Rolly.
check out the illustration:

Illustrations for Kling Shop Madrid \\\\

Illustrations for Polock Band \\\\

* IMAGE SOURCE \\\\ littleisdrawing

Polock – Fireworks


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