Miso+Ghostpatrol \\\\

“It’s almost a miracle that they still use pencils, to do beautiful drawing”

Andre Candriani

Miso {Stanislava Pinchuk} is a 21 year old artist, living in Melbourne, Australia. Her work sways between pasting hand drawn portraits in city streets, to intricate drawings and installations in gallery spaces.
She has just completed writing a book for Thames & Hudson, and had her street work bought and archived by the National Gallery of Australia.

Ghostpatrool born In Hobart, Australia, and works and lives in Melbourne Australia. A self taught artist, Ghostpatrol has moved from the field of stencil art to exhibit his drawing based creations worldwide. He currently resides in Melbourne at his ‘Mitten Fortress’ studio. His work ranges form fine ink drawing, street-art, commissioned murals and soft sculpture. Ghostpatrol creates worlds. His ongoing exploration of hybrid animals and forests travels across mediums; from pasted posters to soft sculpture, watercolours and printmaking. His work often references childhood nostalgia and pop culture, with often quite sinister and playful undertones. From beginnings in stencil and street art, his current practice focuses on ambitious installation and painting projects.

Artists Ghostpatrol and Miso are bent over their work

Miso dips her pen in black ink while Ghostpatrol, seated at the other end of their hand-made table, delicately cuts out a paper stag. They are surrounded by images, books and objects that inspire their eclectic work.

For Miso, that might mean a three-metre-tall paste-up that will find a home on a laneway wall at 3am on a Sunday, or for Ghostpatrol, a tiny figure drawn directly on to a set of wooden pencils.

They work together, share together, exhibit together and love together.

I only have to say they are f* amazing! Check out!


MISO \\\\







They have produced their own map of the cities best known street art (Melbourne) – its in a downloadable PDF which lets who ever wants to go around exploring M-towns art to just print it out on a piece of paper, jump on a tram and go …

You can download the map here


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