Fade Images-Lost Memories \\\\

Can you imagine if from one day to another your memories stop existing in the little box called brain??

If all that you were and all that you have done stop existing, if you couldn’t remember the person that made you smile over and over again, all the things that made the person that you are at this moment.

If you lost it all now, who would you be?
More than a thousand things that got lost in the infinite space of memories and that you will never remember again!

The mind is an instrument so complex that sometimes keeps the useless, keeps what you wish never to remember again, cleans up what you desire never to forget.

Sometimes we are trying to remember and our memories become so vague and confuse.
Hollis Brown made me think about this with his fade images, erased faces and so many lost moments.

* IMAGE SOURCE \\\\ Hollis Brown Thornton

[Hollis is the talented artist behind this photos, for him memory is learned experience and personal, close to the heart events that gradually fade over time or are broken apart or idealized by the way our brains store things. More about Hollis Brown Thorton on his website ]


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